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The private school referendum they had backed was also struck down the year before by the Supreme Court. government during the war—but the federal government turned around and enacted its own racist policies in the state.In the 1930s, the state had a visible membership in the Silver Legion of America (better known as the Silver Shirts), a pro-Nazi organization. Powell even joined the group, which in 1939 had 750 members in the state. In 1942, the federal government forcibly interned 4,000 Oregonians of Japanese descent (including both Japanese expatriates and native-born citizens) in camps.The group allegedly tried to take over the county government.Locals soon dubbed his followers “Roybots,” and he was embroiled in numerous lawsuits., based in Merlin, appears to be part of Roy Masters’ orbit as well; the site features many of his talks.

In the 1970s, Oregon also became a center for the Posse Comitatus movement, centered around Portland’s Henry Lamont “Mike” Beach.

Oregon’s Ku Klux Klan had meteoric rise and fall; it was founded in 1921, dominated the 1923 state election, and by 1925 had fallen apart. Saalfield, author of a book about the Oregon Klan, described Portland as “the virtual headquarters of the Klan west of the Rocky Mountains.” Oregon’s Klan was an overtly White supremacist organization; however, while it occasionally campaigned against people of color—in particular those of Japanese descent—its main focus was against Roman Catholics, many of whom were recent immigrants.

At the time, they were demonized in the same way Jews often are: as a fifth column in the nation, who dominate its institutions, but whose real loyalties are to a foreign power. Toy wrote, “The racial and moralistic attitudes of Klansmen were not significantly different from those of other Oregonians”—who were overwhelmingly white, Protestant, and native-born. Toy, “Robe and Gown: The Ku Klux Klan in Eugene, Oregon,” in The Invisible Empire in the West: Towards a New Historical Appraisal of the Ku Klux Klan of the 1920s, ed.

In 1974, a “citizens grand jury” was organized by the Lane County Posse Comitatus.

The same group also made links with a gun rights group, the National Association to Keep and Bear Arms (NAKBA).

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County officials, including former Sheriff Gil Gilbertson, have written for the site while in office.

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