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Laura noticed it and she laughed and said he was obviously totally turned on by being peed on by a pretty woman.Jack blushed and cringed and then saw with horror that Laura's very sweet little anus pucker was starting to expand."Yes, dear," Laura cooed, "when Jackie needs to make doody or make a wee-wee, he will use that until I decide he's ready to use the big people's toilet.And," she sounded much harsher again, now, "when you need to go, I may make you wait and hold it for a while." She grinned quite widely when uttering this extremely threatening sentence."I think it's time you took those pants and your shorts down, darling, and got across my lap.Bad boys like you deserve to be spanked by their wife," Laura said, with a new firmness in her voice.He knew enough not to do it at the office but what had Laura managed to do with their home computer to find out his naught secrets.

Then he started looking at the websites he enjoyed the most—the ones about women in their most intimate situations: peeing, changing their tampons, pulling their panties up or down, exposing their engorged clits, fingering their vulvae, and even from the rear, as large turds emerged from their cute little bumholes.

She ordered him to strip and lie down on his back in the tub.

Then she hiked up her skirt, took off her lovely pale blue hicut panties, and squatted right over his face and before he knew it, he saw her lovely little peehole give a tell-tale twitch and suddenly open and spray him with a strong stream of dark amber urine right in his face.

"You will also use those words: 'Mommy, I need to make doody'," Laura instructed.

"I intend to break you of this bad strain you seem to have developed." Jack thought for a second about how scared he was that his wife had found out his deepest secrets but then thought that this had really been what he had most wanted all along: to be totally humiliated and turned into a plaything for a severe, determined, dominant woman.

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