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File format support is excellent, and you can save your work in native Microsoft formats for easy sharing with Office users.

There's no database software, but WPS Office comes with an excellent free PDF reader that's a great replacement for Windows' built-in app.

The suite contains six programs to cover every common office task: Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math and Base.

The last three are tools you won't find in many other free office suites, and are designed for vector diagrams, mathematical functions and databases, respectively.

This is partly because Google's office tools use web fonts rather than ones stored locally on your device, and partly because Microsoft documents sometimes contain features not supported by Google. Microsoft's desktop software carries a subscription fee, but the company has noticed the threat posed by G Suite and created its own set of free online apps.

Microsoft Office Online looks and works just like its desktop equivalent, and although advanced tools like pivot tables are out of reach, but aren’t offered by Google either.

Libre Office is an open source project maintained by a huge and enthusiastic community of volunteers constantly working to improve stability and add new features.

Libre Office is so good, you'll wonder why you ever paid for office software.

It's compatible with all Microsoft document formats, and has almost every feature you'll find in the latest versions of Word, Power Point and Excel.

There's the occasional ad, but these are few and far between.

They certainly won't get in the way of your work, and you'll easily forget that everything in this suite is completely free.

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