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You can use them to help you find other bisexuals to start a relationship with.Keep in mind, however, that some people on these sites are truly bisexual while others may just be curious.Coming out isn't always easy, and bisexual individuals often face a specific prejudice when they choose to come out to friends and family.Research has even suggested that bisexual people are "shut out" of both queer communities and straight ones.I can finally be myself." Below, via Whisper, we've rounded up 18 coming-out stories from people who identify as bisexual.

Do you need someone who is emotionally connected to you, even if he or she isn't as physically connected?

The process can be so difficult that the human rights campaign created a guide to coming out as bisexual, which includes coming out to yourself.

Thankfully, people are now sharing their coming-out experiences online.

These stories aren't always rosy, but they're helping to remove some of the stigma around bisexuality.

One person posted to secret-sharing app Whisper, "When I came out as bisexual to my mom she said 'read your bible.'" Another wrote, "Coming out as bisexual was probably the largest confidence boost I've experienced.

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If you are currently single, now is a good time to think about trying to start a relationship with another bisexual person.

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