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‘There’s a reason why a newborn’s eyesight is the exact distance between your nipple and your eyes – a breastfeeding baby can see his mother’s face,’ says Mary.

As soon as your baby’s born, the most important thing you can do to connect is cuddle up.

He can also feel your touch through your abdomen and, once you can feel his movements, bonding becomes a two-way process just by laying your hands on your stomach.

Amazingly, research shows your unborn baby can differentiate between the feel of your hand, your partner’s and a stranger’s.

Having gradually increased during pregnancy, levels go up sharply during labour, stimulating powerful contractions and also helping you connect with your baby in those first few hours.

Ironically, though, labour can also get in the way of bonding.

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Released in 1965, it was the first of 10 Disney films Jones made.

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