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It sent a shiver through my body, and I started to respond to his kisses and kiss him back. I said "Please, we can't make love on my marriage bed - I love my husband." He sat me on the edge of the bed and said, "Don't worry babe, we aren't going to be making love - you are about to get fucked by a black man.We don't make love, not to white sluts." "I am not a slut," I protested.As he scooted out he looked up and realized he could look right up my robe and see my panties.I blushed and grabbed my robe, embarrassed, and I apologized. I certainly don't mind, and if you don't mind me saying so, very cute cookie monster panties." We both laughed out loud and the tension was eased.I have only ever been with my husband, and he says he is bigger than average - at 5 inches.As all this was running through my head I failed to notice that the black man (I never got his name) was now staring at me as I was fixated on his crotch."I have only ever had sex with my husband." His reply was that I was in for a big treat.He kissed me again, and I was starting to resign myself to the fact that I was about to get raped by this huge black man.

I tried to fight him off and screamed for him to leave me alone.From the floor behind the TV he said a bottle of water would be great.I brought the water over to him and waited for him to get out from behind the TV.I went back to reading my paper and glanced up occasionally to check him out, thankful his head was behind the TV especially when I noticed the incredible bulge in his pants.Thinking to myself that it really couldn't be his dick that snaked halfway down to his knee.

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