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For example, let’s suppose you tell a relative that your partner doesn’t care for his boss.Now let’s say also that it’s unlikely that your relative and your partner’s boss would ever meet. In addition, what if your relative forgets that this is a secret and mentions it in conversation?Your forgetting to do your partner a favor, such as setting the bedroom alarm in time for an early morning appointment, could be due to the fact that you’d rather sleep in than have to wake up at the crack of dawn.

As I discussed above, it’s good to take your partner for granted somewhat.

Or, even worse case scenario, what if the secret leaks out on Facebook through someone’s oversharing?

It will be clear that you were the source of the information.

You may think it’s safer not to object outwardly to a request or disagree with something your partner says but once again, by not letting your partner know how you really feel, you’re closing off a route of communication.

Not all passive-aggressive behaviors are conscious, of course.

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  1. One more awesome thing: If you "pass" on a person, it will ask you why — presumably to make your future matches better suited to you — and then offers you another "free" bagel for the day (sometimes more than one if you continue to hit "pass").