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But the result of the crackdown might turn out to be just the reverse.Malaysia has always relied on foreign labour: its substantial Chinese and Indian minorities first arrived in the country in colonial times to work in its tin mines and rubber plantations.In the Malaysian portion of Borneo, police quickly pledged to round up and deport 40,000 illegal workers.This hue and cry has doubtless gone down well with more blinkered Malaysians.the leader believe he/she should implement a system for the majority that elected him/her to power.One day he/she may implement that 10% of earnings earned by the minoritues should be given to the majority race regardless of wealth.THE run-up to Chinese new year should be one of Malaysia's biggest shopping seasons.Yet the day before the holiday, the streets around Kuala Lumpur's Chow Kit market were strangely quiet.

When a number of Indonesian workers rioted during a drugs raid on a Malaysian factory last month, the locals reacted with self-righteous indignation.Illegal workers and their employers would face whipping if caught.In order to intercept would-be migrants, the authorities promised to impose tougher visa requirements and to beef up the coastguard.Construction, in particular, relies on foreign labour.It was recently disclosed that illegal immigrants were even helping to build a new prison.

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