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Being Canadian Web Video Star, he lives quite a luxurious lifestyle compared to most by his age because of his Youtube career he has made a name for himself having a title worthy of a well-deserved net worth with his large fan base through social media but unfortunately because of insufficient information his net worth is kept hidden.

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The woman sent the money to a Turkish bank and when Onokpite walked into the bank to withdraw the money, the authorities were alerted. It's so easy to accuse those caught in this way of being naive or even stupid.

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She seems to know nothing about Rachel's baby, Emma, and calls her Emmett thinking she's a boy.

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Packaging in what was later determined to be heavily Hellenized French written in Greek characters. Inhaling the (lavender-scented) gas caused the bubble to shrink until it vanished completely and gave an energized and empowered feeling to the subject.