Gemini cancer cusp woman dating

There are also some Sagittarius women who are inquisitive in nature and go for something without judging the pros and cons.

She always falls in love with an intense passion towards her Cancer man. Though her blunt comments may sometimes hurt him, but generally she is a fun to be with.

Although it has the potential to be very stimulating association if they both are ready to accept each other for who you are.

There are many things that they can learn from one another, but only strength of love can make that happen.

This can result in heated arguments which hurt the tender heart of the Cancer male deeply.

However, as soon as she realizes her mistake, she apologizes for it making him, once again the same jolly and loving person.

She appreciates him for showing her the right path as she has the tendency of being reckless but hates being dominated.

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When the Cancer and Sagittarius connect their Water and Fire, they make a rather confusing combination.

He adds to the sensitive style of love making while she adds a lot of fun to their oneness.

He leads her to sensuality and enchantment which has a dream like quality.

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When the Sagittarius woman and Cancer man are ready to surrender each other in the eternity of love, they get the divine feeling of unison which melts away all the ego and problems.

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