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The story also flunks the logic test both with his failure to notice his penis crawling with “worms” and with his (living) girlfriend’s failure to notice anything amiss with his equipment.

Versions of this legend that circulated in April 2009 were set in typical Spring Break locales (e.g., Jamaica, Florida) and changed the nature of the dark secret from necrophilia to cannibalism: Unsuspecting girls come down with puzzling medical conditions (e.g., fungi, lesions, sores) developed from having intimate contact with young men who don’t merely have sex with corpses, but who actually eat them — the legend thereby intimating that these girls risked not just their health but their very lives through their injudicious flirting: So this girl goes to Panama City, Florida for vacation. He then asks her if she wants to go on a date but she says no because she is going home soon.

She's at a party and meets a guy, and winds up giving the guy a blowjob. Two days later, she's developed a rash around her mouth.

He says he knows a girl whose sister is a real slut.

The doctors were unsure of the cause so took routine swabs and blood samples for testing.

She was recalled the following week and asked to repeat the tests.

“Mater Dei Hospital Management denies all these facts and condemns the circulation of such unfounded morbid news which is causing great pressure on the staff who work in the Hospital Mortuary,” it said.

This salacious mortuary rumor was just another iteration of a years-old urban legend, one which we originally wrote about back in 2001.

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