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The result, one huge anti-climax after having received a week of love bombing and pedestal placing, prosecco and strawberries on a picnic blanket and exquisite conversations that involved the exclusivity chat to get one’s own way and secure a night of riding his filly of choice.Surprisingly he had jumped many hurdles to get there, this included wearing every outfit from his childhood dressing up box, discussing his horsey lifestyles at every opportunity and had even offered himself up as one of Sandhurst’s and Tatler’s finest gentlemen, sadly he revealed little more of a Laird of no manners who even before bolting off back into the world of Tinder.They’ve fallen into the online dating trap, where they are convinced swiping is their only chance of happiness. Even though you deep down know the same people are on all of them. Whenever you take your phone out of your pocket, you have more notifications from dating apps than you do from actual people you know Matches on Tinder: 12. You’ve just swiped them on Tinder or crossed paths with them on Happn. ’ whenever someone tells you they’re dating someone new Just in case they’re on an app you haven’t yet downloaded or by some insane miracle they actually met someone in a pub. There was only one problem, both lacked prowess in the place they longed to excel, the bedroom.Angus (with a silent G) was one middle aged illegal fox hunter, childless by choice, snobby and ruthlessly discarding after creating his own premature officer’s “mess” in her bed.Ellie soon tweeted that it wasn’t a “strong woman” he needed, it was more a surgeon, preferably wielding a jagged, rusty knife and one that could chop his swiping fingers off at the same time as cutting and shutting his manhood.

From European wannabe millionaires to prestige army personnel, Ellie Lambert has sampled a few of the unforgiving lessons that internet dating provides.

Yet the elegant dive is executed nonetheless and the battle and egotistical orgy of actions versus words commences, where you sink or swim and sadly often drown.

Men claim to be bombarded with adverts of escort girls, and their opinions of women seeking random “hook ups” is embedded along with their justification for constant flirting and not willing to part with their online accounts just yet.

We need to wise up and size up, the only chaffing that should be felt by us ladies is knowing that you had a good night between your legs.

Dating Tip #1 – If he asks what qualities you are looking for he will probably mirror your requirements to bed you.

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