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He built Taliban support through Mullah Radio, an illegal FM station that broadcast his sermons and those of his junior commanders, along with lists of those the movement was targeting for assassination - usually by decapitation.

Now, however, the insurgents from different tribal areas are starting to unite.

'What is happening to the animals, now their owners have fled? They are free.' Last week, photographer Alixandra Fazzina and I became the first British journalists to be given sustained access to some of the battlefields in Pakistan's war on Islamist militancy, a rapidly burgeoning confrontation that has already displaced millions and engulfed large swathes of the Northwest Frontier Province.This is terrain that a vengeful God could have created for fighting lingering insurgencies, and it has harboured them for many centuries against, among others, Alexander the Great, the Mughals and, of course, the British.'When you find yourself fighting frontier warfare, you open the old British manuals,' says Lieutenant-General Asad Durrani, the former head of the ISI, Pakistan's intelligence service.On the eve of our visit to Kumbar, as we enjoyed a barbecue on the splendid lawns of a fort a few miles down the valley, the army fired round after booming artillery round at the enemy's positions.The experience of the Empire era suggests their impact may have been limited. Our strategy now is to force them into the open.' Although almost everyone in the area speaks Pashto, the area is far from homogenous.

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The steel reinforcing rods inside the concrete used to build the shops and homes hang in strange tangles from the edges of shellholes.

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