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First, it's important to understand what constitutes sexual harassment.

If your boss says you have to sleep with him to get promoted, that is definitely sexual harassment, but so are things like making sexual jokes, graphic verbal commentary about your or someone else's body, and having porn on your computer where people can see it.

What to do Reporting sexual harassment can be done verbally or in writing.

Doing it in writing is your best bet: It creates a paper trail and can serve as proof that you filed a complaint if you end up in court.

Under California's Fair Employment and Housing statute, all employees have a legal right to not be sexually harassed at work, no matter how small the company is.

If your manager or HR person is the one harassing you, or if it's your boss and you're a two-person company, you can report it to the California Department of Fair Employment (or your state’s equivalent) or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

But you can report it to your manager, or anyone in management at your company. They all have the same legal obligation to trigger an investigation into your claim.Legally, you have one year from the last act of harassment or misconduct to file a state claim with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, and 300 days from the last act to file with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.Different states have different deadlines, and they may vary if it’s a claim against a public or federal employee.Lawyers advise people to keep a detailed written record of incidents.Include everything you can: the date, the time, the location, the perpetrator, and anyone who may have witnessed it."Memories can fade,” said Helen Kim, an L.

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