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Q: What’s the best piece of advice you’d give to those still in school? Q: What was your favorite spot on campus, whether for studying, meeting friends or just thinking about life? A: I recently got accepted to medical school in Arkansas!A: Even when it gets hard, because it definitely will, just know thousands went through it before you and thousands will after. A: Hayden library, or as we call it "Club Hayden," was definitely my favorite spot on campus. So, after graduation, I'll be enjoying my seven months off hopefully just working and traveling (Thailand is calling my name) until school starts again in July.Then I went there, and I was like, “This doesn’t feel right.” My aunt is a professor at ASU, and she was just talking about how awesome it is.So I toured the campus, and I was like, “This is great.” Tempe was my main campus at first when I was a creative writing major, then I switched to West when I learned about the IAP program.Q: What’s something you learned while at ASU — in the classroom or otherwise — that surprised you, that changed your perspective?A: While taking this HIV/AIDS class I've learned so much about the virus and disease.Editor’s note: This is part of a series of profiles for fall 2017 commencement. Shaun Collins was sitting in an intro to biology class at Arizona State University when it hit him.Small things that cause problems in the larger world fascinated him.

A: I realized I wanted to study microbiology when I was in an intro bio class.

In advance of that day, she opened up about the journey she took at ASU to get there.

Question: What was your “aha” moment, when you realized you wanted to study the field you majored in? My mom tells stories about how I used to pull things out of the trash and make art pieces.

Responses like that are how she knows she’s on the right track — the interdisciplinary arts and performance/interdisciplinary arts and sciences double major wants to change the world for the better with her art.

Recently, she has been exploring how she can do that as it relates to the environment in her eco-communities class, thinking about beautiful but also sustainable ways to design buildings and cities, and even promotional materials and digital applications nonprofits can use to advance their mission.“That’s what’s on my mind now: How I can save the planet?

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I recently stumbled across this eco-communities class, and it’s amazing.

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