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Recently, the press conference commemorating the end of tv N drama 'Oh Hae Young Again' took place!On this day, Seo Hyun Jin relayed how she could not believe that the drama has now ended and how hard it will be for her to move on from the drama.I just enjoy playing along with Wang whenever it suits me :) It's pretty crazy the whole thing but I enjoy the beef you have in the comment section everytime I see you two. Oh and the troll's name at the time was Roi Sjyoung. do you have any education, did you grow up as orphan? " you can tell he had enough at that moment and actually spoke like an adult, wang was so angry lmfaoooo Actually I didn't even say anything bad to you, you're the one whi found me on this post and started bashing me and my bias. Are you so bored that you're getting excited for this?Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin is head over heels in love with sports broadcaster Bae Ji-hyun. She has shown great acting ability, taking on lead roles in several drama since 2012.

He does not look like a newcomer and feels pressurised when facing me as he is unsure if I am hard to get along." Siu Hin feels happy and shocked to receive compliments from Carina and needs to prepare himself before filming bed scenes with her.Most of the fun ideas were Eric's."She also talked about Eric, who was her SM senior back in the day. I enjoyed the drama all the casts are so good in portraiting their respective roles. I did not see that coming by just reading the plot summary. I'm just not going to publicly say how I did it because... it's a, let's just say "questionable" method legally and leave it at that. You know it does nothing, You know it's just a waste of time. and 5 minutes later you're playing with it agian (shrugs). lmfao, sure playing the "don't know who I am card" tell that to the 10 repleis you had with me when you were furiously typing on keyabord about me not liking taeyeons toes!! Several people that I know actualy DO live in Seoul have caught it in lies that anyone who lives there SHOULD know and a tourist or someone who hasn't, wouldn't."At first, I thought that Eric was going to be blunt and difficult, but after seeing him in real life, he's really hospitable with good manners," she also relayed. I strongly recommend this drama to anyone wanting to watch a drama!! I didn't break the law finding your general area, but I may have bent it a bit. The ONLY way you can prove you're not, is to get that note. bahaha ncie try SNORT SNORT It just started with a few of us tired of his/her obvious lies. we called her on it on a Sohee article and three of us pretty much ripped her to shreds. Basically, any way you could fuck up and bust yourself in a lie, this troll has done it... There's been a note left at the Library at the college this troll is supposed to be in with some instructions in Hangul that have some intentional messups that a native speaker will catch immediately.Carina says: "Filming movie is not easy and it is difficult to achieve the best effects.I receive 3 Millions from the government and I do not receive any fees but owe many people flavours.

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