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This would later lead to her career as a professional dancer before launching her acting career in the late 1960s.

In 1969, Goldie won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in , which earned her another Oscar nomination.

John divorced his wife soon after meeting Bo and they moved to Germany together. After the 80’s, Bo’s acting career died down somewhat and did not have many major roles in anything of note.

Although she has continued to act in minor roles throughout the years, these days Bo is more involved as an advocate for animal rights.

Pam Grier is from North Carolina and was supposedly discovered by director Jack Hill while working as a receptionist for American International Pictures in 1967.

She did appear in a small role in Mel Gibson’s 2002 movie, Cybil Shepherd is from Memphis, Tennessee and started out her career as a model.

She won Miss Teenage Memphis at age 16 and by 18 she won ‘Model of the Year’.

The superstar then ventured into the acting world and won an Oscar for her role in the 1987 film opposite Kevin Costner and Tim Robbins, which made her a real A-list star.

Susan still acts but is also a very vocal activist and focuses her efforts of humanitarian work.

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She rose to fame in the 1970s for her parts in a series of successful movies such as Barbara Streisand was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1942 and at the age of 16 Barbra was almost homeless trying to pursue her dream of stardom.

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