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She makes a big point of the movie being terrible at being an action movie and asks why Bay would make that choice, but I think that three subsequent movies have colored some perceptions of just what kind of movie this is. The Mission City fight is a garbled mess of nonsense because it's a backdrop for Sam, Mikaela, and Bumblebee's story.There are pretty action shots, but the way we're distanced from them just feels like a slightly tongue-in-cheek presentation, acknowledging that no one is actually taking the space robots seriously.The fanony extrapolation explanation is that his parents must monitor his internet usage, making him all the more a pitiful open book to them and us.) The porn is probably not the most shameful secret he has, but it's high enough on the list that he can justify substituting it in. Mikaela finds the porn box, closed, and he is embarrassed and defensive despite having just told her to look there. But we do get to know a lot of things about how she interacts with Sam and Ron and what her role in the family really is.Notice the dialogue - he starts with a "don't touch my," can't finish the sentence, and later calls it his "treasure chest." It's an absurdly childish name for a young adult to choose as a euphemism for anything, and if it's the first metaphor that comes to mind for some hand me down pornography, it's showing just how heavy those pheromones must have been for the last few months or years of his life. She calls Ron cheap when she sees Bumblebee backfire; she is disappointed with Ron when Sam talks Ron out of grounding Sam, and Ron doesn't want to admit that this is the case to her; she seems to be the nonconfrontational one when the three of them argue together, trying to play the mediator.

The other is when Maggie's fat pet black person (my god hug this movie why) crumbles under the threat of possible interrogation and tries to use his virginity as evidence of his innocence in some weird sense - and also as another appeal to pity. There are four or five key moments tied to the masturbation subplot.Where a major thematic device throughout the movie is secrecy and disguise (I miss this movie,) she is oracular honesty personified.We're told offhand that the girlish pink bicycle with the tassels is hers; the garish childishness of it shows a simple lack of affectation and concern for how she's seen.In one of the best scenes in the movie, the mid-credit cut, she's the first one to respond to the question during the interview about aliens on Earth, but struggles to lie convincingly and makes a passive-aggressive swipe at the government in the process (managing to roll in both a snipe at Cold War propaganda that is simultaneously a very subtle dig at Ron's earlier "duck and cover" mentality, all just as icing for the statement that the ongoing secrecy about the alien robots that she's been bound to makes America less American.) Think about Sam's obvious-lie-voice and his exclamation that "you're repressing me." Judy doesn't have a repressed or repressive bone in her body.So when Sam and Ron suddenly join as brothers in arms against her sudden breach of their private selves, her reaction is as a mediator.

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