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I was intrigued and at the first chance I got took a peek into the wardrobe. Gretchen, Bertha and Agnes were hanging in the wardrobe on big butcher hooks. Yes, that’s right, his bikes (Gretchen aka Cube Fritzz, Bertha aka Scott Genius and Agnes aka Trek Hardtail) all had German female names. Was he dating me as I fitted into ‘the collection’ or was it just a coincidence, as he has been claiming ever since.

#8 You will know the best brand of bleach to clean up the blood stains on the bed sheets My guy has plenty of bruises and scars on his legs and apparently seems to feel he must always have at least one active injury at all times.I laughed it off back then, but now I can say it is true, all of the stereotypes are true.He is constantly on his phone to check out new bikes or compare components, loves his stickers and forces himself to not look at any bike forums when the races are on, as if it was a FIFA World Cup news blackout.This bike is one of the most talked about purchases in our relationship.According to him it is as easy to manoeuvre as a tank and if it ever gets stolen, I would not put it passed him to have arranged it in order to‘upgrade’ my bike for me.

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