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Often refugees are lumped into the same category as terrorists.

Often they are mistreated simply because they belong to a disdained group.

Joseph was adopted into a new land (Egypt) and eventually became a source of blessing for that land in the midst of famine.

He was the source of salvation to the majority population though he came from a despised minority—Hebrews (Gen. In the hard soil of European evangelism, God is going to use Muslim-background believers to bring salvation to Christian-background lost people (Germans, Italians, etc).

Refugee believers have been particularly envisioned by the Joseph account (Gen.

37-50) and find almost exact parallels between Joseph’s journey and theirs.

We rightly accord huge emphasis to the critical stories of Creation/Fall, Noah and Abraham (the father of all who live by faith).In Western Christianity, we fear the invasion of our way of life in the refugee situation.Refugee believers see the overarching vision—God’s purpose is to save multitudes of people for eternity.But as Muslim-background believers learn the true story from the Old Testament, they find a number of parallels with their situation: (Gen., ESV, emphasis added) From the comforts of Western Christianity, we quote “what was meant for evil, God meant for good.” But can we quote the verse’s purpose statement? God has a purpose in turning evil to good—to save many people.

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