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Correlation and causation and all that, but this is a pretty clear indicator that the widespread adoption of the spread punt formation has been a huge win for the punting teams.If we make the weak but directional assumption that 2003 = Traditional Punt and 2012 = Spread Punt, the formation is worth about 3.5 yards per net punt and a 50% reduction in punt return touchdowns.

So net punting up, gross punting up, punt returns down, punt returns touchdowns down and punt blocks are down. Anyone who has ever seen us and spoken to us knows I do not deserve her. The Urban Dictionary (a personal favorite) suggests there are a number of terms for this: “out of my league,” “dating up,” doing a lot with a little,” “heffernaning,” “winning,” “over my head.” My personal favorite is “outkicking your coverage.”In case you’re unfamiliar with the terminology, it refers to a kicker or punter. My wife, on the other hand, is a beautiful, smart, sweet, hard-working and caring woman, wife and mother.In this case, it’s a bad thing that the kicker did better. I was somehow lucky enough to convince a woman like Bridget to marry me on a beautiful October day way back when. The Michigan Difference: seeking input on offseason article topics and the first request being about punting and then getting a quick second! MGo User stubob asked whether or not outkicking the coverage on punts was a real thing and if there was an optimal distance to kick the punt.

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