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‘It’s over, people.’” WD: Tell us about the first time you were proud of what you had accomplished. My parents were convincing us to go into things we wanted to do.

It was a cool fancy wallet.” WD: First time when you knew this was your dream career? When I was a kid I took theatre in elementary school, I knew I wanted to perform.”JS: “As a magician, it was the first time I had fooled somebody and I thought ha-ha-ha evil laugh …

"Property Brothers" star Jonathan Scott has narrowly avoided charges from an April 24 bar fight in Fargo City, North Dakota, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports.

According to Johnson, the April incident occurred at the bar's closing time when Scott and others became upset when their drinks were taken away.

JS: “Oh I know, what’s her name from ‘Married with Children? My first crush was a girl in our karate class named Amber.” WD: First heartbreak?

it It might’ve been Janet Jackson actually.” WD: First luxury item you purchased with your first paycheck? I was in grade seven and I had never bought my own jeans, my parents always gave me clothes.

Get ready for real LOL moments and a whole lot of reminiscing. Jonathan Scott: “For me it would probably be, I won’t say how old we were, but my parents were away, my older brother was watching us. He was throwing a party and they handcuffed me to a fridge.”Drew Scott: “Jonathan was the biggest most annoying drunk. I was on a cruise ship and all I remember is thinking it was hilarious, his girlfriend at the time knocked on the door of the cabin, and I was like ‘Oh, I’ll answer that.’”JS: “We were in the nightclub on the cruise ship, and all of the sudden we go to the dance floor and Drew has lifted his shirt up, dropped his pants and is in his underwear on the dance floor. DS: “We actually created our own business when we were seven years old.

And be sure to watch the new W Network series, Property Brothers At Home on Feb. He kept sneaking into my older brother’s room and being a nuisance when he’s sitting there hanging out with his girlfriend. I guess what happens on the ocean, stays on the ocean.”DS: “Hey, I was a teenager.

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