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I’ll also make sure I consider what I say and how it may impact others.Chat is a diverse place – We’ve all had different experiences and sometimes we might disagree on something, but that’s OK.You may need to be patient and to choose a quieter moment to ask the group for some help.Moderators will do their best to help everyone have a chance to talk if they need to.All you have to do is answer a couple of simple questions and you’re ready to go.

It avoids confusion and helps you to settle in and build relationships with the group. When chat is very busy it’s difficult for everyone to be heard and following conversations can be tough.Chatters who aren’t able to co-operate risk being kicked out of chat sessions.We allow plenty of freedom in chat and you can pretty much talk about anything at all that’s on your mind.It’s okay to respectfully tell people what you struggle with (e.g.“I struggle with binge-eating”), but please avoid sharing specifics about your weight, calorie counts or details of any behaviours (such as what or how much you've been eating or drinking).

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  1. After all, many of us can reach tens of thousands and even millions of people monthly without so much as a Facebook account already. That's two thirds of the population of this country!