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In fact, a grave-mound, distant some half a mile from the Sir Walter Raleigh. However, it was not until the}' became students at Oxford that they acquired the austere habits of life which set them peculiarly apart; and here, in association with congenial spirits, few in number but kindred in charac- ter, they formed a club, which drew upon them no small amount of ridicule and abuse. The name which finally stuck — Methodists — seems to have been given to them by a fallow of Merton College. 632 Georgia’s Landmarks, Memorials and Legends though I should never see them more.” Thus admon- ished, he waived his scruples and agreed to accompany Oglethorpe to Georgia, his special desire being for mis- sionary work among the Indians; and for this purpose he came with full religious ordination.

At first John Wesley declined the offer of Oglethorpe. Eut Charles en- gaged himself in the capacity of private, secretary to Oglethorpe; and his acceptance of purely secular work in preference to holy orders is said to have given offense to John, whose paramount reason for sailing to Georgia was “to save his soul.” But Charles, almost from the outset, felt himself to be a misfit.

I can pair a long sleeve with a skirt for a dressier look or throw on some cutoffs for a casual feel.

I think black is always so sleek and classic, you just can't go wrong.

My favorite accessory would probably be my gold and black onyx ring.

I got it made using my grandfather's old gold and I never take it off! So I guess it's not necessarily an accessory in the sense that a headband or bracelets would be, but something I wear as an everyday staple!

Trendy or not, I think you should wear what you like and what you feel comfortable in. Well, I did have a watermelon dress when I was 5 so…don't really know about that.

But, I think my style has grown and continues to change.

This was the first Georgia barbecue ; for, though spread in South Carolina, it was given by the first Georgian, and was served in the abundant and generous way which has since made Georgia barbecues the most famous of feasts. It was the founder’s anxiety for the spiritual welfare of the colony which induced him to make overtures to these devout men.

The establishment of Habersham and Harris was located near the water’s edge, in the rear of where the commis- sion house of Robert Habersham afterwards stood. Georgia’s First “On the Sunday morning before leaving South Caro- Barbecue bna, c °lonists held a special thanksgiving service, after which Oglethorpe, at his own expense, gave a grand dining, to which, in the name of the colonists, he invited the soldiers from the barracks, besides a number of citizens.

More than three hundred people partook of the feast, at which was' served, so we are told by one who was present, four fat hogs, two fine English beeves, eight turkeys, one hundred chickens and ducks, a hogshead of rum punch, a hogshead of beer, and a barrel of wine.

His father was recently de- ceased and his mother was old. “Had I twenty sons,” said she, “I should rejoice that they were all so employed, *Chas. It was at the expense of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in For- eign Parts that John embarked upon the expedition. Cooper, Nicholas Marsh- burn, Laban Segrist, James F.

At first he refused to receive the stipend of fifty pounds per annum, but he afterwards agreed to take it.

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