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As of 2005, Kenya had one of the largest HIV-infected populations in the world—approximately 7 percent of Kenyans were infected.

To test the impact of information on teenagers’ sexual decisions, a “Relative Risk Information Campaign” was conducted in 71 schools to give students information about the distribution of HIV infection rates by age and gender groups and discuss the role of cross-generational sex in the spread of HIV.

The minute you are asked for your Skype ID, if you have had one of those that do not sound professional, create one ASAP and make sure you note the password down somewhere.

Log into your account at least 10 minutes before the interview and check your sound settings, close all other applications in the background that could distract you.

Sometimes you will end up having a video conference and sometimes not.

On top of interview nerves I now had the added disadvantage of not knowing whether my connection would hold up, I couldn't read the facial expressions of the people I was sat across from and I couldn't create that strong first impression with a strong and confident handshake.

How do you tackle a Skype interview and leave the interviewers wanting to know more about you, and what pitfalls do you avoid?

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