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Be sure to communicate this with your other attackers.After each kill, communicate with your team to see who needs bones the most.Also, distribute Super Restore drops amongst yourselves based of who needs it.Remember, you can still combo eat here in case of emergencies.WHILE YOU GET YOUR KILL COUNT, TAKE NOTE OF THE GOBLINS DROPPING HAMMERS.YOU WILL REQUIRE A HAMMER IN ORDER TO GET INTO THE BANDOS STRONGHOLD.

General Graardor drops the Bandos hilt at a rate of 8.Bones to Peaches will be a primary form of food for you.Saradomin Brews are best used in emergencies only, otherwise kept for when the Tank needs one.He also can drop a Bandos Chestplate, Bandos Tassets, or Bandos Boots at 4. Minions Do not underestimate the minions, they can still hit reasonably hard.After you finish killing Graardor, the last person to hit Graardor will be piled by all 3 minions.

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