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The shipwreck hunter: a lifetime of extraordinary discovery and adventure in the deep seas by David L.

Mearns reviewed by Ian Pfennigwerth Mearns has discovered some of the worlds most fascinating and elusive shipwrecks.

Countries are being polarised between militarisation and securitisation methodologies.

A border security strategy must be integrated within a whole-of-government national security strategy.

Strategists are being challenged to think beyond detect and disrupt border security operations and to perceive the border as a national security vector.

The Battle of the Coral Sea, May 1942 Peter Sweeney The Battle of the Coral Sea, 4-, was fought between combined United States and Australian naval forces and the Imperial Japanese Navy.

It was the worlds first sea battle between aircraft carriers.

[Photo: Department of Defence] The return of Mars and Minerva: the art of war and professional military education Daniel Marston Professor Marston discusses the role of applied military history (the art of war) in professional military education and then describes the development of the art of war in British, United States and Australian staff colleges since 2001.

The South Pacific and Melanesia: a strategic update Rhea Matthews Ms Matthews reviews the current strategic situation in the Pacific Islands, identifies key challenges the Islanders face, focuses on Melanesias power houses (Fiji and Papua New Guinea), highlights Australias relative loss of influence in the region and the growing influence of Russia and China, and suggests ways that Australia might regain some of its lost influence.

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