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The drains are used to draw out any fluid which collect inside the body after surgery to combat the risk of infection.

However, the place proves to be the stalking grounds for murderous psycho rapist zombie Felix Gallo, who starts bumping folks off left and right. Amy (Julia Morizawa) and her boyfriend Nick (Andy Mc Guinness) have been dating for a while, but he is getting frustrated at the fact that they still have not had sex.We meet a role-playing “family” who enjoys spanking in a scene vaguely reminiscent of Natural Born Killers in that it comes complete with a laugh-track and cartoonish sound effects.We are briefly introduced to the desk clerks of the retreat as they watch an equally bad horror movie.And the Brazilian - who has spent more than £500,000 transforming his body - even filmed his 60th cosmetic procedure for his growing army of fans.Now the controversial London-based TV star has been pictured out and about in trendy Beverly Hills with a surgical drain dangling from the lining of his eye-catching suit.

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However, one might point the writer in the direction of the works of Freud and/or Shakespeare for assistance in preparation of future works. Blood and Sex Nightmare is the horror movie equivalent of a Kilgore Trout story: the “plot” simply covers the space between wide open beaver shots, and it’s incredibly cheap.

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