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1 country hit, “Does He Love You"; Hillary's 16-year-old sister Rylee Scott and her dad, songwriter, Lang Scott.

Hot Christian Songs chart dated July 19, “Thy Will,” a lushly produced, piano-driven ballad, with a staggeringly powerful vocal performance by Scott, is bulleted at No. 1 on Christian Digital Songs for four weeks, selling 67,000 downloads to date.

And afterwards, it was no longer about that song anymore. I feel like there’s a lot of people walking through life that are hurt or afraid, and not knowing how to deal with it; how to process, and essentially feeling very alone. You referred to "Thy Will" as your open letter to God. I basically poured out my heart, sharing everything going on. You wrote it after suffering a miscarriage in 2015.[Lady Antebellum] played Bridgestone Arena in Nashville [on Sept.

11, 2015] and I had gone to the doctor a couple of days before that, and there was barely a heartbeat. So, that week, every time that I’d start to pray, I’d get tongue-tied.

Also, that there is goodness still to be found in the world, that there’s beauty to be found from the ashes of sadness. Oh my gosh, I don’t get Google alerts on myself, it kind of weirds me out, so I missed it.

You gave a pretty powerful vocal performance, so what was the actual recording process like? 2 as of this morning on our Hot Christian Songs chart and No. How amazing, I mean that was my prayer, that it would just be heard.

There’s a lot about this project that’s a creative statement for me.

He had this big booming voice that you could feel in your chest and an amazing sense of humor; he never lost that. Well, we started getting so many messages from people that referred to a prayer or a hymn or story, and that was like his therapy.There was repetition to some of the hymns that would come up; the traditional church hymn, “Blessed Assurance” being one of them.That song became the cornerstone hymn in creating this record and then it didn’t end up making the album.The album is a fusion of styles, from traditional Christian hymns, to contemporary Christian, pop, even rock and you definitely bridge the old and the new, especially on songs like “The River.” Was that the goal?Yes, it’s the bridge of what all of those styles of music that Ricky Skaggs brings, along with my parents’ and my own tastes and influences. I think that’s what people will hear when they listen.

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